May 2017 Issue

May 2017 Model Retailer
How to be a good boss
By William J. Lynott
You might not be doing as well as you think; analyze your performance—and ways you can improve—by considering these nine key questions
pg. 10
TV and radio advertisements
Say 'Yes!' to Radio and TV
By Elizabeth Nash
A lot of complicated pieces go into a successful advertisement; here’s some advice for making the puzzle come together
pg. 12
How much power does the FAA have over drones
Registration litigation
By Dan Gettinger, Lauren Sigfusson
Hobbyists and the FAA disagree on how much power the agency has
pg. 14
Castle Perilous
Get your Game on
By Debbie Swanson
After nearly three decades in business, the owner of Castle Perilous knows exactly how to sell games
pg. 16